Artist's Statement

I approach painting with three desires. These desires are respected simultaneously. First is to enjoy creating, to have fun throughout the struggles an challenges of creating and communicating my ideas. Second is to use the form I wish to paint as an excuse to celebrate the form and color I see in the image, almost forgetting my recognition of what the subject is. Third, putting my attention back to the subject I wish to portray, I share how the image rests in my memory. As I alter, distort, and edit the image through my filter, I arrive at how I believe the image is remembered deep in my soul.

Everyone takes a different story from a person or place. However, I can only honestly share my experience. What inspires me to share this experience is that it provides me the opportunity to be honest. When someone is honest in whatever he or she is doing, it is beautiful.

Art presents the task of creating one's own language. I hope the paintings read as if my brush was clenched in my fist with ideas coming faster than my command of my language will allow me to communicate. Though a struggle may occur, I want the paintings to express that they were fun to create.

- Bob Grignaffini